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Tale: UX Mastery with Canadian Tires

"While UX is often associated with apps and websites due to their direct user interactions, it is not limited to these digital interfaces."


It's the simple things around us. In this series of UX Mastery, sharing with you a personal story of brilliant UX by Canadian Tires.

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How it all started 

It was an ordinary Tuesday until I stumbled upon an extraordinary experience that shattered the ordinary, reshaping my understanding of what was possible.


The Hunt Begin!

Untitled_Artwork (9).jpg

On a Tuesday Evening at Canadian Tire, a couple in their mid-30s were enthusiastically searching, for their favorite dishwashing sponge. 


Getting lost (Purpose+Time)

In the vast Canadian Tire store, the couple spent ages hunting for their cherished sponge, lost in the enormity of sections—sports gear, kitchenware, even Halloween decor. Despite the search, their sponge eluded them, and amidst the store's labyrinth, it transformed into a mystical maze, diverting them from their original quest.

Untitled_Artwork (10).jpg


Frustration & the Proposal!

As the couple fruitlessly scoured each section without spotting their sought-after sponge, frustration mingled with confusion. Exhausted, the woman, known for her knack for problem-solving, exclaimed,

'Imagine if the store had an in-store screen or mobile app, detailing product availability. It would be a game-changer for customers like us?'


Her words echoed their shared yearning for a simpler shopping experience amid the vastness of the store..

Untitled_Artwork (11).jpg


The solution box

In a heated moment, the man's voice rises sharply, "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" He swiftly reaches into his pocket, grabbing his phone. With urgency, he unlocks an app, his face shifting from anger to concentration, driven by a need for immediate information or resolution.

Untitled_Artwork (14).jpg
Untitled_Artwork (15).jpg


Celebration with Blinking Aisle!

As the man checked his app, urgency gripped him, propelling him toward Aisle 78. The woman, curious, followed closely. They arrived to find the aisle already blinking with light, and there, just beside it, their coveted sponge awaited. Success! They reached for it, triumphant in their find.

Painting Wall

Check back for further stories.

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