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Brain Buddy

UX Design Project: Brain Buddy (Peppr)

Tried different animation style on our Indian Auto Rickshaw!!(P

Motion Design: Indian Autos

Local Barber

UI Design for Local Barber: A Google UX Certification Project

Brown and White Marble Surface Website Mockup Instagram Post (3)

40% Response Rate Surge: UX Design for Resume

Beige Digital Planner Tablet Mockup Pinterest Pin (1)

Infographic: How to be Good with Money!

Neon Retro Stars Marketing Mockup Website Instagram Post

Ecommerce UX Design Project


Motion Design- Long Distance love <3

Screenshot 2024-05-14 173337_edited

Social Media + Flyers Design

Untitled_Artwork (3)

Illustration: Alive Letters

Final Copy A

YouTube Thumbnail Design for Famous Instagrammers

Boring Data Interesting Designs!

Infographics Designs

Finally, blew that bubblegum!  (Swipe left see how )

Motion Design: Girl blowing BubbleGum


YouTube Thumbnail Design- Branding

I turned 31 last week and tried to collect all things that I an doing right that I didnt i

Content Writing:Mental Health

Brown White Simple Modern Vlog YouTube Thumbnail

Video editing+ Creation: Jewellery Brand

Halloween cards Design

Halloween cards Design

UPCOMING: UX Mastery with Canadian Tires

A UX research Project which shares my personal story with Canadian Tires.

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