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Local Barber

Local Barber is an app offers salon service to men-on-the-go to schedule appointments with their barbers at salon.

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1 month

My Role 

UX Designer


Local Barber needs a mobile application to schedule appointments for their extended younger target audience, in order to increase their sales.



To design the app with a sleek and intuitive interface, adding incentives for users to explore, and creating a visual identity that would inspire self-care in men.

Visit the first time & collect 100 credits

Earn wallet credit on the first visit and celebrate each

visit with a surprise.

A4 - 1.png
A4 - 2.png
Admire & share your self care day

Upload a picture to relive the Salon’s picturesque moment

and share on your FB stories and posts.

Our younger target users are working professionals in their mid-20s -30s, fashionable, stylish, and maintaining
a longer style. 


We want to make the app experience more personal and enjoyable for avid fashion lovers and stylists, or those who simply just want to maintain themselves!


How it all came together and what we’ve deliberated to make this experience both meaningful & enjoyable.

1. Discover & Define

Research, Competitors, User Persona,

“HMW” brainstorming

2. Ideating 

Crazy Eight, Storyboarding

3. Prototyping 

Mid fidelity Prototype 

4. Testing & Iterating

User Testing

A5 - 2.png

Throughout my time working on the Local Barber Project, I’ve learnt the importance of using all resources possible to work within the constraint. Having more direct user feedback would be ideal for my design situation.I learnt the importance of Minimal design that would help user make user task easy to find and faster to use. I understood the Colors and its impact on Human’s mind.

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